Panoramic Photography


London and Cambridge, UK -- November 2000

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The Parliament Buildings, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge 

The British Museum.

An incredible collection of objects, especially from ancient Assyria, Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

(When you see how much was plundered, you don't wonder why folks in some countries are a little ticked off.)

The London Eye, looking way up, and then at the base. 

 View from the London Eye

 Performers and Spectators at Covent Garden

The London Transport Museum.

My nomination for the friendliest museum in London. Located at the "left rear" corner of Covent Garden as you approach from the Underground. A really cool gift shop. 


Less than two hours from London by coach, or about an hour when the trains are running at full schedule.

It must be a real university town -- the "Keep of the Grass" signs are in 5 languages!

 Buskers -- James Street near Covent Garden.

 The forecourt of the Guild Hall.

 The The Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.

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