Feria de Sevilla...in Washington, DC
20 May 2001

 Every year in May, Centro Espanol de Washington, DC holds their Feria de Sevilla. If you have a weakness for Spanish dancing, Spanish food, the Spanish language, or Spanish fun (or any combination of those), this is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Granted, it's not quite like the real Feria in the beautiful city of Seville, but at least you get a taste of this wonderful culture and a unique tradition. This is also the DC area's biggest local flamenco event. There are casetas (kiosks) representing each region of Spain where you can buy authentic Spanish food. Some of the local dance schools have casetas where you can dance non-stop to Sevillanas music. Throughout the day, some of the local dance companies perform on the main stage.

If you are in the DC area and are interested in things Spanish, I recommend you visit Centro Espanol's web site at http://www.cewdc.org.

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Welcoming remarks and an opening song.



 Dancing in the casetas.



Food from different regions.




 Note on the photography: All these pictures were shot with the Horizon 202 -- handheld. Some foks doubt the utility of a swing-lens panoramic camera for reportage, but I think these photos show that you can use a true panoramic camera to get an extra "feel" of an event or place.

The film is Fuji Super HG 1600, which has become my standard load. With a 3 f-stop ND filter (effectively yielding ISO 1600 and 200), I can shoot indoors and outdoors without a film change. This was a pretty dreary/rainy day, and all the photos were shot without the ND filter.

All photographs copyright 2001 by Larry J. Clark.

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